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Eco Ark Tilapia

Tilapia is an African freshwater cichlid fish that has been wildly introduced to many areas of food.

Finn & Roots’ fish are entirely tilapia. Nearly every fish in the Eco-Ark’s four jumbo fish tanks were bred and hatched on-site, so you could say that they are real Vermonters!  

They have the best possible life of a farm-grown fish: The fish live in pristine Vermont spring water from the farm; they’re fed the highest quality, corn and soy free, non-GMO food; they are free from artificial hormones, antibiotics, mercury and PCBs; and their sole purpose is to create fertilizer for the plants being grown hydroponically in the building. 

Tilapia are an incredible fish! And ours are no exception: They love 80s and 90s music, in particular hair bands; they play and surf; and, the Rocky Mountain White (a.k.a. Pearl) variety is particularly interactive and friendly.

We are currently not selling the tilapia. We do however sell filtered, fresh fish “manure” that is removed 24/7 from the fish system.