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The Eco-Ark! Our specially designed building that grows fish and plants year-round. One part greenhouse and one part underground fish house, this building stays at a warm 70 degrees even in the middle of a Vermont winter, using only the sun and firewood harvested from the farm.



Introducing Aquaponics. Growing fish and plants together in a very sustainable way! An ancient growing method done in a new way. Naturally organic and honest growing method as no pesticides, herbicides or other “bad stuff” can be used as nearly all will kill the fish!



Freshly harvested, healthy, 100% Vermont raised Tilapia that are grown in clean mountain spring water. Our fish are fed a diet of very high quality non-GMO fish food and various greens from the Aquaponics system. We believe you are what your food eats and drinks, or for that matter what it swims in.


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