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The Finn & Roots Story

holly and heather

The Eco Ark and Finn & Roots were the dream and vision of the building and company founders. Begun in 2014, it took over 18 months of research, design, and construction to get to a fully operational aquaponic site and business. Over the years, they tested and grew a crazy variety of food crops: Petite strawberries, edible flowers, many different kinds of greens, celery, onions, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, microgreens, herbs and much more. 

A favorite story from those early days is how they grew, sampled, and tasted so many kinds of basil, their teeth turned green!

In late 2019, the founders handed the reins of the Eco Ark, Finn & Roots, and surrounding farm over to a new family so that they, too, could experience a dream come true. The new family shares the vision for the Eco Ark and Finn & Roots, and is committed to the best care of its unique symbiotic ecosystem and surrounding treasures, as well as maintaining the highest standard and success for Finn & Roots. 

Hailing from Colorado, the Counter-Beaver family consider their new life, the farm, the Eco Ark and their surrounding neighbors and community precious! President and Managing Member Holly and her sister Heather operate the Eco Ark and work the farm including a small orchard and vineyard. As 5th generation farmers (Colorado), the sisters are grateful for the opportunity to be their authentic selves, and continue the producer traditions of their paternal grandparents.